University of Baltimore

Every year University of Baltimore is at center of Artscape, the largest free arts festival on the east coast. We aid the University in creating buzz and branding themselves with large-format projectors and laser graphics.

University of Baltimore

University of Baltimore is an educational institution that once a year finds itself in the middle of the largest free arts festival on the east coast, Artscape. Attracting 350,000+ attendees over three days, Artscape features 150+ fine artists, fashion designers and craftspeople as well as visual art exhibits on and off-site. When the darkness of the evening approached this “laser graffiti” was projected onto the University’s John and Frances Angelos Law Center while it was still under construction. The loop was composed of custom laser graphics that were fun, abstract, colorful, and used logos and imagery that is branded toward the school. A third laser displayed a loop on college’s academic center that served as an animated laser billboard and could be seen from many vantage points.

For many years we have partnered with University of Baltimore to provide search lights, project images onto their buildings, and light building facades for special events.