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Whether you need a reliable forward thinking visual effects provider to realize your idea or are in need of a creative team to develop from concept through production to meet your objectives, look to Image Engineering.

Our designers are skilled in concept development, storyboarding, pyrotechnic choreography, laser choreography, 3D animation, video editing and audio mixing. They work closely with our in-house engineers to develop high quality custom solutions. Our expert logistics team focuses on permitting, equipment acquisition, and scheduling. We offer custom solutions to integrate visual effects that fulfill your dreams.

Our strength lies in the broad range of techniques we use to create first class spectaculars including laser effects, 3D video projection and mapping, pyrotechnics, LED lighting and custom fabrication. Our projects are as broad and varied as our capabilities: Major league sports extravaganzas, music tours, TV shows, corporate events, and architectural LED lighting installations.

  • Rough sketches are created during the earliest stage of development to convey a general idea of the set piece or event.
  • We use industry standard 3D lighting and modeling software to create full renders to envision and collaborate on the design of your event.
  • Storyboards provide a visual outline before a show goes into production.


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  • We scrupulously research and adhere to laws and restrictions as they relate to our productions and execute permitting for all our shows and events — safety is paramount.
  • If deemed necessary we will survey your location with a keen eye for restrictions and challenges. Diagrams and blueprints may be submitted for situations when a location survey is not possible.
  • Most often, an out-of-the-box solution is needed for the projects and events we work. Our engineers consistently develop methods to overcome obstacles and actualize creative concepts.
  • With the addition of haze our Light Vector® lasers produce colorful wedges, fan, spoke and sheet patterns that can be projected above an audience's head or used as a back drop. We are experts in creating timed atmospheric beam shows that will stun and wow any audience.
  • Confetti, jets, fog, and low smoke all fall into the cryogenics category; each of these uses CO2 in a different way whether it's to create a fog curtain, send off jets of compressed air, or to shoot biodegradable streamers into the sky.
  • For most of our shows we use the highest quality proximate pyro; these type of pyrotechnics are safer for audiences because of its low fall out nature. Our design team to focus on how to effectively use product in a show to get the most cheers out of every shot.
  • We own and manufacture several different flame units that give spectators an effect that they can see and feel. These units can be used at indoor and outdoor venues and come in multi-head and colored flame options.
  • As long as a surface isn't translucent, our Light Vector® Lasers can create full color graphics at any reasonable distance.
  • Utilizing the latest 3D Animation software and Christie HD projectors, we create illusions in real time right before your eyes.
  • These modular LED Panels are for both installations and temporary solutions for outdoor or indoor events.
  • With the mood changing capability of color wash techniques we are able to draw out the story behind a setting as well as draw attention to areas you want watched.
  • This is a great advertising medium that can transform buildings, walls, floors, or large screens into larger than life works of art.
  • We make custom pneumatic-controlled kabuki mechanisms that have proven to be more effective than traditional kabuki drops.
  • ITV is our patented blow up screen that stands at 70 feet high. It is one of the largest of its kind and has been used on many outdoor events.

Visual Effects

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Hardware Solutions

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  • We are constantly creating new hardware. We will never release a product unless we are completely satisfied with it. Prototyping is the first version of what will one day be our final product.
  • After we have the approval of an object or set piece that has been designed, we set out creating them in-house using aluminum, vinyl, fiberglass and other high quality materials.
  • Every project we sign on to do is another project committed to safety. We always test our products before taking it public. Our reliability testing doesn't only apply to new projects because we also make sure that our older equipment is still in perfect working condition.