Our History: From Passion to Enterprise

We’ve always had a passion to take our craft to the next level. Three brothers started this company in their parent’s basement. Making lasers was originally just a hobby; it wasn’t long before they realized this hobby could be a viable commercial output for their interests.  This wasn’t a start-up, there were no investors, it was a passion that slowly grew into the enterprise it is today.

With each client, each project, the company continued to hone their craft as the work they were producing kept getting larger and larger. Before long they were bringing in more talent and more people and the company continued to grow into what it is today: a multimillion dollar enterprise with a Forbes 500 list of clientele.

Our Capabilities: Match the Budget and Exceed the Expectations.

In a sense our capabilities are limitless. Customers will bring us a problem or will come to us in need of a solution and we make it our job to provide them with the “wow” factor. With our team of minds, we can make any client’s dream a reality.

Many times the seed of the idea comes from the client. We are there to help them whether they’re having trouble creating it on their own or are trying to make an impact. If a company has a problem, our engineering team works together to create a solution. If clients are having trouble with their ideas then our creative team jumps in and spins an idea around them. We then give the client several options all based around their own branding and identity. Once the plan is approved it comes back to our engineers who figure out how to create it. There will always be a creative process based on the client’s direction, a vetting with the client and then a technical realization of how we are going to do it.

Photo Courtesy of the San Francisco 49ers