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The Image Engineering story begins with the Suehle Brothers –  John, Joe and Andy. From a young age they tinkered with a/v equipment, lasers and pyrotechnics in their parent’s basement and backyard. Over the course of nearly forty years, what started as a hobby has turned into a venture they could have never imagined. In 1998, the Suehle Brothers decided to take their passion and turn it into a profession, with Andy becoming the first full-time employee at what originally started as Advanced Entertainment Technologies (AET) and working out of Joe’s basement.

In 2000, AET acquired Image Engineering of Boston, a renowned company specializing in laser entertainment. Since then AET has done business as Image Engineering and the growth has continued exponentially. Image Engineering has moved several locations since the early days in Joe’s basement, now residing in a 60,000 square-foot headquarters in Baltimore, Maryland with a staff of over 40 full-time employees and an expert network of freelancers throughout the nation.

Image Engineering’s success comes from the values  the Suehle Brothers built the company on, where relationships with  clients are the company’s biggest assets. Whether it is one show or a yearlong tour, Image Engineering strives to give clients an unprecedented experience. From a dedicated warehouse team, to innovative engineers, creative thinkers and committed account representatives, we ensure expectations are blown away.

With a look to the future, Image Engineering is focusing on pushing the boundaries and setting a higher bar in the laser industry, concert touring, sports entertainment, architectural lighting and event production.

Our Team


  • 1988

    First Laser Purchase / Built

  • 1992

    First Laser Show for a Public Audience

  • 1996

    Joe, John and Andy, known in the industry as the Suehle Brothers found Advanced Entertainment Technologies, Inc.

  • 1998

    Andy begins working in Joe’s basement, the first office of AET, Inc.

  • 1999

    AET, Inc. performs its first show for the sports market providing pyrotechnics and lasers for the Baltimore Blast’s season opener.

  • 2000

    AET, Inc. acquires Image Engineering of Boston, MA and moves headquarters to Baltimore, MD

  • 2001

    The Washington Wizards become the first professional sports client, Image Engineering provides close proximity pyrotechnics for their home opener.

  • 2003

    Image Engineering Acquires Laser Force of Milwaukee, WI

  • 2004

    The Baltimore Ravens become the first NFL franchise to work with Image Engineering

  • 2005

    Image Engineering is brought on by the Ravens to provide player introductions for every home game.

  • 2008

    The Museum of Science and Industry, Chicago, becomes the first large scale architectural projection project

  • 2008

    The Baltimore Ravens task Image Engineering with designing a player introduction different from anything being done in the league. Image Engineering’s signature flame tower is born.

  • 2010

    Image Engineering Makes it Saturday Night Live Debut Providing Lasers for Jay-Z’s Performance 2011- Image Engineering launches the Light Vector Laser brand

  • 2011

    Light Vector Laser Used for Heineken National Commercial Campaign

  • 2011

    Ceelo Green becomes first Laser Tour for Image Engineering and Light Vector Lasers

  • 2012

    Image Engineering Becomes Laser Provider for America’s Got Talent

  • 2012

    Beam Composer is introduced to the world, finally giving Lighting Designers the ability to have full control of a laser from their console.

  • 2013

    Kevin Hart’s Let Me Explain World Tour includes special effects created by Image Engineering

  • 2013

    Image Engineering works with European Artist Jesper Kongshaug to design a month-long laser display mimicking the Northern Lights on the John F. Kennedy Center in Washington, DC.

  • 2015

    Light Vector Lasers debut the Vector Beam a full color linear laser array

  • 2016

    Image Engineering provides all team score and post-game celebration pyrotechnics for Super Bowl 50

  • 2016

    Light Vector Gen2 the second generation of the Light Vector Scanning Laser is Launched

  • 2016

    2016 tour with For King and Country, Light Vector Lasers driven by Beam Composer are used for the Twenty-One PilotsEmotional Roadshow tour, the 2016 Cage the Elephant Tour, Demi Lovato and Nick Jonas Future Now Tour and the 2016 US Open Tennis

  • 2016

    Beam Composer Maestro, the second generation of the Beam Composer Control Software is Released

  • 2017

    Image Engineering purchases all remaining Syncrolite SXL fixtures, now operating the largest Syncrolite fleet in the world.

  • 2017

    Image Engineering Opens second warehouse facility in Southern, PA adding 30,000 sq ft of storage, manufacturing and preparation space.

  • 2017

    Image Engineering experiences great West Coast growth adding the Los Angeles Chargers, Los Angeles Lakers and Vegas Golden Knights as clients.

  • 2018

    Image Engineering joins forces with Doug Adams and Why Not Ventures to create Image SFX, a touring company under the Image Engineering umbrella solely focused on concert touring

  • 2019

    Image Engineering moves into new 60,000 sqft facility south of Baltimore.

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