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In 2011 Light Vector released its first solid state RGB scanning laser. Since that time the Light Vector team has consistently pushed the boundaries of what is possible in laser technology, providing both hardware and control advances. Look below to see some of the best laser products available on the market.

Light Vector Lasers

The World’s First Laser Series Built For a Lighting Designer

The Light Vector Gen2 Series debuted in the spring of 2016 and and quickly made waves in the touring world. Designed with the Beam Composer control system completely integrated in the Gen2; zoning, output and manipulation of laser geometry became only a CAT5 cable away, no external programming or DMX triggering, just true native control.

Since its the introduction of the Gen2 each Light Vector Series Laser has integrated the Beam Composer control system. Each system features an onboard Beam Composer microcomputer for lightning fast processing and response time, making worry about lag or processing latency a thing of the past. Units are equipped with (2) CAT5 ports which streamline installation and allow for data to be daisy chained from laser to laser. Most Light Vector Lasers require 10amps or less at 110volts and utilize auto-switching power technology to automatically adjust for different source voltages. A touchscreen is located on the back of the units for easy system adjustments such as color balancing, source swap (Beam Composer/ External ILDA), diode temperature display and more. 

So, what does this all mean? It means for the first time lighting designers have full real-time control over their lasers. Gone are the days of miscommunication between the lighting designer and the laser guys, missed cues, piece-meal laser integration and being locked into specific looks. The possibilities are now endless and designers have all the control.

Beam Composer

Your Console, Your Design

Beam Composer is changing the way lighting designers look at lasers and how they are integrated into lighting designs. In the past, shows were either lighting segments or laser segments but now with full control of the laser on the console the designer can design a cohesive and fluid show that utilizes the best aspects of the lighting rig and the lasers to work together to provide more depth, perspective and innovative looks. Beam Composer’s ability to utilize the GrandMA effects engine allows laser looks to be easily created, modified and programmed in a fraction of the time it takes for a PC based system.

The Beam Composer integration gives the designer creative control of their laser with more capabilities than ever before. Out of the box, designers can tweak and adjust geometrical parameters and modulators across the many different categories of patches and effects Beam Composer offers. They can then add the one of a kind color gradient system that allows never-before-seen 8-section, 16 bit, blend-able color control based on a geometrical orientation of your choosing whether that be vertical, horizontal, radial, angular, or linear; the possibilities are truly endless.

For pre-visualization, Beam Composer offers simple WYSIWYG and Realizzer support. Beam Composer  has been designed and integrated in such a way that it is not necessary for a lighting designer to learn any sort of additional software outside of the console.

Beam Composer has been designed specifically to meet the needs of lighting designers and touring professionals. After only a few years on the road Beam Composer has made lasers a more accessible effect for designers and bands. The ease of use has made load-in faster, programming more streamlined, and artists who were previously unable to carry lasers can now implement them.

Since the first production run in 2011, Light Vector laser has been on thousands of shows throughout the country


The first scanning laser systems in the world to be full controlled by a lighting console without DMX triggering


Full in-house design, manufacturing and assembly of all laser systems and custom laser builds





Custom Effect Engineering


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