The Light Vector Story

In 2010 John completed his first iteration, the 9050 a 10w laser that was used in Sioux Falls, SD. After the debut of the 9050 John continued to refine his design and the first production run of the Light Vector was released in June of 2011. For the first time a company based in the United States was designing and manufacturing a commercially available solid-state diode stacked full color laser. Since that day, the Light Vector laser has been on thousands of shows throughout the country.

In 2015 Image Engineering set out to build the second generation of the Light Vector Laser. Bringing together a team from across the company, Image set out to build a new laser that would redefine the norm, just like that original diode-stacked laser did in 2009. Having listened to stakeholders throughout the company, in spring of 2016 John and his team of engineers debuted the Light Vector Symphony a laser with its software and programming counterpart completed integrated from conception, simple streamlined efficiency.

The Light Vector Team now spends their time refining current products and designing the next generation of laser and flame technology. In addition to this, the Light Vector Engineering Team actively works on custom fabrication projects and specialty builds.

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The Light Vector Engineering Team

Since the first production run in 2011, Light Vector laser has been on thousands of shows throughout the country


The first scanning laser systems in the world to be full controlled by a lighting console without DMX triggering


Full in-house design, manufacturing and assembly of all laser systems and custom laser builds





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