Bromo Seltzer Arts Tower
Lighting Installation

When the owners of this 100 year old tower decided it was time to upgrade the lighting behind the iconic clock faces, they turned to Image Engineering to devise a plan. For decades, the clock faces were illuminated with 8′ fluorescent tubes. Image Engineering proposed to replace the antiquated lighting with state of the art color changing LED Fixtures

All four sides of the clock face were internally backlit from the cupola of the tower. (8) ColorReach Compacts were mounted inside to illuminate the glass behind the clock hands. (16) ColorReach Powercore fixtures illuminate the interior of the dome.

The final product was a color controllable, illuminated clock tower facade that can be seen citywide. As an active partner, Image Engineering periodically adds new programming designs to their web control application so they can easily control the colors of the towers. Additionally, the new lighting system requires less than a sixth of the power of the previous system providing the client with significant energy savings.

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