Hell’s Kitchen
Flaming Pitchfork

The Image team was approached by Hell’s Kitchen and Caesars Palace in Las Vegas to take their iconic pitchfork sign which was originally a temporary installation during the TV show run and engineer a completely automated system for permanent installation.

As the flame system design was considered, public safety was of utmost importance. Due to the proximity of the Vegas strip, and its iconic crows, the flame system needed to incorporate a myriad of safety devices to ensure the public could not interact with live fire. Wind, heat, and intrusion detectors were all integrated into the master flame effect control system. The engineering team designed a complete natural gas valvetrain, control system and safety systems which operated autonomously.

Following the completion of the project, Hell’s Kitchen was left with a fully functional permanent installation of the flaming Pitchfork with a streamlined user interface and safety system. Aside from the windiest of nights, the HK Pitchfork burns daily outside the restaurant to attract customers to the front entrance.

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