Kevin Hart – Let Me Explain Tour

A comedy show like you’ve never seen before, our special effects helped Kevin Hart ascend into the realms of rock gods as he took the comedy game to a new level of entertainment.


Epic Entrance

The entire venue goes dark. The stage is filled with low smoke while red lights strobe to the beat of a heart. Kevin’s signature is slowly signed onto the backdrop with a graphic laser as the heartbeat and red lights continue to pulsate. Kevin rises from under the stage as a laser cone from above seemingly beams him up. As he reaches the top of the lift, Kevin’s intro music plays and geysers of 10’ flames shoot up in ripples all over the stage while 2 atmospheric lasers shoot beams around the venue. Hidden in the low smoke is a conveyor belt and while all the effects are going off, Kevin steps onto it and floats up to the mic. Image Engineering was able to accomplish all of this in partnership with Showtime Sound.

Concept & Approach

In addition to this dramatic introduction,  the flames were to be fired on his command at the punch line of jokes received well by the audience. As the 10′ flames went blazing on Kevin’s cue, the audience’s laughter would surge. Never knowing when the flames would be set off kept the viewers amped up throughout the entire show.

On Tour 2/12 to 12/12

As the tour continued, the venues expanded from theaters with 3,000 seats to huge arenas housing more than 12,000 to 20,000 people. As the crowds grew, so did the need for special effects. The fall portion of the tour had an additional four lasers added creating what would become the full-on “Epic Entrance”. Two of these lasers were used to add atmospherics reaching out to the crowd far in the distance. Meanwhile, the graphic laser for Kevin’s signature and the laser cone over his head created a more visible stage presence.

The Movie

Not only were our effects seen by audiences all over the map, they were also preserved in the Let Me Explain movie. They filmed the entirety of the show twice in one day to sold out crowds at Madison Square Garden. MSG is one of the world’s most famous venues and can hold up to 18,200 people. Our team handled the special effects design, coordination and management for the entire event. The setup for the movie was customized to match all stage elements. There were 6 pockets carved out in the stage to house the flame units and the lasers were hidden within the LED set piece.

The Success

By making the investment in special effects and rebranding himself as a comedic rock star,  Kevin had something exciting and unique to talk about during all of his PR interviews on late night talk shows. It also set Twitter and other social media “ablaze” with comments from fans who had just seen his show. Ultimately, the investment in special effects gave Kevin Hart a rockstar appeal and an edginess he was looking for while entertaining his fans by keeping them on the edge of their seats!

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