Lucas Oil Stadium Signs:

Fabrication & Installation

An existing client of Image Engineering, the Indianapolis Colts enlisted our support to design, build, and install custom LED signs to replace barely visible existing fabric signage. After almost two years of design and drafting conversations, Image received approval for our proposal prior to the 2020 season.


The approved design consisted of LED neon flex strip lights that infilled laser cut metal letters of the Lucas Oil Stadium logo.  Image Engineering chose this product due to it’s highly flexible nature to make the sharp turns of the logo font, as well as it’s capability to individually control each pixel, making the sign completely programmable. Additionally, by infilling the sign with the LED neon flex strips, we were able to accomplish a faux neon look without the high-power requirements and fragile nature of true neon, as well as achieve high brightness to combat the surrounding light emitted through the windows of the stadium.  The specific product chosen is also certified for outdoor use which compliments the roof opening feature of the stadium.

lucas oil sign2
lucas oil1


The LED sign was fabricated at Image Engineering headquarters, where we laid out both 54’x24’ base structures of truss and metal framing for welding and assembly.  LED strip cabling holes and rivet holes were also laser cut for consistency and accuracy.  Due to the size and intricate design of the LED strips, each sign required 3000 rivets, 6000 total.

During the design and drafting stages, each  individual LED strip was numbered for ease of assembly come fabrication time.  Due to this organized preparation method, the integration of the LED product was seamless.  Once assembled, our engineers and fabricators tested each sign and then disassembled them carefully to be shipped for installation.


Prior even to fabrication, a complete engineering and construction package including the material types, construction method, dimensions, fastener types, and weight of all material was sent out for PE peer review and Indiana stamp. Once onsite, Image worked closely with riggers and local labor to rebuild both signs and hoist them into position.


The Indianapolis Colts at Lucas Oil stadium now have two beautiful faux neon LED signs that match those outside the stadium, and are completely programmable.  Image preprogrammed custom looks such as Colts color looks, a waiving American flag for anthems, and a variety of others for select holidays.  We continue to support the Colts in the programming and maintenance of the Lucas Oil Stadium sign and love seeing it featured during each Colts  home game. The client is thrilled that they now have a pixel mapped sign that shines bright on broadcast.

lucas oil 3

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