Baltimore Orioles 60th Anniversary

When the Baltimore Orioles needed to plan their 60th Anniversary post-game celebration, they contracted Image Engineering to be the producers of a multimedia show centered around honoring players from the last 60 years.

Focusing on the historic Camden Yards Warehouse, the Image design team used projection mapping and compelling 3D content to take the audience on a journey through pinnacle moments in Orioles history. More than visually entertaining, this 30-minute event integrated historic radio and television calls blended with iconic Orioles’ tunes. Footage from the Orioles Media Archive introduced players from different eras as their signature and number were laser-drawn onto the outfield grass. Following the Orioles legends, the show finale honored the current team by integrating the in-stadium LED board, fireworks, laser atmospherics, and exquisite video mapped content. As the walkout music played, current team members entered the field and shook hands with their legendary counterparts.

The use of multimedia for this show created a spectacular display, encapsulating the energy and longevity of the Baltimore Orioles. This emotional event brought back many memories for Orioles fans and created new ones for all in attendance, whether they were in the stadium or watching from home.

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