Kaitlyn McNaneySenior Project Manager

Kaitlyn works closely with our creative, technical, and engineering teams to deliver innovative designs and solutions to our clients.  She excels at transforming client’s needs and visions into reality, while meeting goals and exceeding expectations. Detail-oriented and creative by nature, Kaitlyn manages budgets and logistics while staying up-to-date on the latest industry trends and technology. Prior to working with Image Engineering, Kaitlyn rose through the ranks of creative production agencies, mastering roles such as Production Coordinator, Producer, and Creative Director. Throughout nearly ten years in the event industry she has worked with a wide variety of clientele, managing and producing everything from small experiential installations to full scale event productions. Kaitlyn flourishes in the organized chaos that is live event production, and thrives when immersed in the logistical complexity and time sensitive nature of this ever-growing industry. 

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