Nick HockDirector, Research & Development
and Installations/ Integration

Nick oversees the daily operations of the Installation & Integration departments. Internally, Nick focuses most of his time on managing the fabrication and design team. Nick and his team closely works with the Light Vector Department as Research and Development tasks are often shared. When Nick isn’t planning the future of our new technologies, he is in the field working with clients to provide top-notch installations and integrations.  Nick’s keen eye for detail and his engineering prowess are put to the test daily, as projects under his direction are often custom never before seen show elements or control programming that pushes the boundaries.  Nick’s projects range from custom touring systems & major sports franchises integration projects to interactive lighting systems. If you have a challenge or unconventional installation, Nick is the guy who you want on-site. Nick is known to rollup his sleeves and work until the project is complete, whether it’s welding and fabrication or writing a few hundred lines of code to bring the idea to life, he delivers the magic every single time.

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