Baltimore Ravens: Video Editing Suite

In the 2016 off season the Baltimore Ravens Football Video Operations team approached Image Engineering to renovate and revamp their video editing suite.

The goal was to take a cramped space filled with server racks and not only make it functional but improve the workflow. The Image design team first created 3D rendering options of the room layout for the Ravens to choose which option they liked best. Once a design layout was selected the team took the room down to four walls, replacing everything from carpeting to furniture, repainting walls and most importantly reconfiguring all of the technology.

At the centerpiece of the design was four sound dampening server racks, the installation of these racks allowed all critical components to remain in the room but ensure a quiet workspace for the team. The Image crew utilized existing pieces of hardware, integrated new technology, re-terminated all fiber and data cables as well as updated the Crestron programming.

Small touches such as a 16’ glass dry erase board with LED lighting, logos etched into standoff hardware, custom wood valence and custom fabricated switcher enclosures finished off the room.

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