Custom Engineered Effects for the Entertainment World

Image Engineering pushes boundaries, developing new ideas and technology through design and fabrication.

From initial ideation through mechanical and circuitry design, our internal Engineering and Fabrication team is at the heart of what makes us unique.

From our inception, we have combined technologies that do not natively speak the same language to design and build visual effects never seen before. When there hasn’t been a technology to accomplish our client’s vision, we have invented one. Our core competency has become pairing unique visual effects with a complex but streamlined control backbone. With the ability to create our own products, we are able to take a client’s vision from a napkin sketch to reality and infuse an intuitive control system.

For decades, we have worked on professional sports fields where integrated set pieces have to roll on the field, connect, operate flawlessly and roll off within a matter of minutes. These operational constraints have influenced all of our engineered designs because whether it is a football field, world concert tour or permanent entertainment installation, our set pieces and special effects need to consistently operate safely, flawlessly, and be user-friendly. 

The Engineering team continues to push the boundaries of integrated laser, lighting, flame and special effects designs. We are entertaining audiences, advancing our clients’ brands and pushing the limits of what was previously thought possible.

The Engineering Team

Since the first production run in 2011, Light Vector laser has been on thousands of shows throughout the country


The first scanning laser systems in the world to be full controlled by a lighting console without DMX triggering


Full in-house design, manufacturing and assembly of all laser systems and custom laser builds






Case Studies & Spectaculars

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