Minnesota Vikings:
Snow Effects Installation

The Minnesota Vikings are leaders in game day presentation production in the NFL. From the moment fans approach the stadium they are guaranteed to have an experience unlike any other. Due to the NFL ban of fire and flame effects on the field, the Vikings were forced to reimagine their team introductions.

Building on the Nordic roots of the team, the Vikings chose to tell a thematic story centered around Odin the Viking god of war. The production is set to a live soundtrack played by the symphony of Minneapolis and narrated by past players. To bring the story to life, Image Engineering devised a plan to turn the entire stadium into the world’s largest snow globe. The Image team installed (60) snow machines throughout the stadium to make the snowy environment a reality.

During the pre-game activities, the stadium interior is filled with snow, first from the catwalk and then from just above the lower bowl. The result is an indoor snowstorm and a completely unique pregame experience not seen anywhere else throughout the league.

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