Vegas Golden Knights:
CO2 Effect Installation

In 2017 the Vegas Golden Knights approached Image Engineering to assist with the launch of their franchise and to help build the fan experience. One element tat the Golden Knights wanted to integrate throughout their games was CO2.

Image Engineering developed a modular CO2 system that was able to be installed on a semi-permanent basis due to the dasher boards coming in and out. Each corner of the rink included (2) CO2 jets in a V formation with lighting fixtures to illuminate the CO2 plumes. A DMX control system was installed and integrated to synchronize the CO2 hits with the arena lighting system creating one cohesive show.

The CO2 effects at the Vegas Golden Knights became a signature look during their first season and was visible in the background of many photos. Teams around the league began to replicate this look due to its popularity and impact on fan excitement.

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