BGE Liquid Natural Gas Tank Lighting

BGE approached Image Engineering in early 2017 to provide a permanent lighting installation on their liquid Natural Gas tanks at the I-95 / I-395 interchange.

Over the past year this began with Baltimore themed murals, so architectural lighting was the natural next step.

With this installation taking place in a highly sensitive facility, it presented unique challenges as to where fixtures could be installed and how. Another equally difficult challenge was the cylindrical shape of the tanks.

Image’s team of designers first worked in a virtual workspace to determine possible fixture mounting locations and the quality of fixtures to the tanks. Following the design phase Image’s team spent an evening on the installation site testing fixture installation location. Once this information was finalized a wiring and layout diagram was completed and submitted to BGE’s approved electrical contractor for installation.

Following the installation of electrical and data lines the Image team performed final fixture installation, focus and control system setup. With full color mixing and simple control interface the tank colors can be changed for holidays, special events and home Orioles or Ravens games. BGE now has a fully automated lighting installation to feature their tanks at night for all who pass through Baltimore on one of the busiest east coast highways.

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