Buffalo Bills: 2019 Player Intro Redesign

In the offseason prior to the 2019-2020 season, the Buffalo Bills approached Image Engineering about reimagining their player introduction which had been going strong for almost 10 years. Embracing the newest techniques and materials, the Image design team created an updated look to the highly recognizable original player intro Bills design.

(6) Life sized Buffalo measuring 10′ long by 7′ high by 5′ wide and weighing in at 5oolbs each were designed with LED eyes and CO2 Jet effects from the nose. Each Buffalo was hand carved from EPS foam, covered in hardcoat and hand painted. Since each Buffalo is fabricated by hand they are each unique with different contours and characteristics.

Using this redesign as an opportunity to introduce new elements, the Bills wanted to include a lighting package from the locker room and down the tunnel to the field. The Image lighting team built a package that included LED B-Eyes for camera eye candy, beam fixtures, a backlit fog curtain and pixel tube fixtures.

The end result is a player and fan game presentation experience leading from the locker room to the field with some of the coolest and most unique set pieces in the league.

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