Cornell Homecoming

Since 2012, Image Engineering has worked hand-in-hand with Cornell’s Events Management and Alumni Affairs & Development office to create a spectacular laser and fireworks display to kick off their Homecoming weekend.

Each year, the Image design team creates a custom show integrating new techniques and materials. In 2013, Image integrated projection mapping into the laser and firework show. Students, Alumni, Faculty, Staff and Ithaca residents were treated to a multimedia experience exploring the history of Cornell University. LED lighting and projection were also used around Cornell’s Campus to create an immersive experience that extended beyond the show venue.

In 2019 the Cornell and Image teams thought the time was right to revisit the use of 3D projection mapping to tell the story of One Cornell, an experience taking audience members from the journey to Cornell University as a first-year student through graduation, becoming an alumni and traversing the impact that every member of the Cornell community not only has on campus but across the world.

For more information on this show click here to see our case study.

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