Horseshoe Casino Baltimore: Plaza Lighting Installation

In the Stadium District of Baltimore City, a metamorphosis is occurring and an entertainment hub is being developed. As the anchor of this new hub, the Horseshoe Casino enlisted the help of Image Engineering with redesigning their plaza lighting system to create an exciting and inviting outdoor aesthetic.

Drawing from and combining previously completed work around Baltimore City and inspired by the casinos of Las Vegas, the Image Engineering team developed a design that would create an immersive feeling in the Horseshoe’s plaza.

The Image integration team utilized Color Kinetics’ RGB architectural fixtures to provide full color mixing to every lighting instrument installed in the plaza and Interactive Technologies’ CueServer to seamlessly control the entire system.

The first step was to replace all current planter lights with robust RGB ColorBurst Compact Powercore fixtures and add powerful RGB ColorReach Compacts to wash the walls of both the parking garage and casino building. From this the Image team was able to connect over 380′ of space illuminating trees and building facade all in sync with complimenting colors. 

While the ground level and building facades were all awash in color, there was still open space between the parking garage and casino building. To connect these two spaces, the Image design team decided to utilize Color Kinetics iColor LMX Flex fixtures for a direct view aerial show. With over (800) full color individually controllable lighting nodes the design team was able to create visually interesting displays which complimented the ground level fixtures creating an all encompassing design.

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