National Cathedral

Image Engineering was sought out by the Post Classical Ensemble for their annual gala held at the Washington National Cathedral. Using Image Engineering’s arsenal of Syncrolite SXLs and top notch creative resources, the Image Engineering team was able to highlight the timeless beauty of the cathedral.

For the first time in the history of the Washington National Cathedral the Rose Window, the Cathedral’s centerpiece stained-glass window comprised of over 10,000 pieces, was illuminated from the exterior during the evening. Utilizing (9) Syncrolite SXLs and over 60,000 watts of white light, Image Engineering was able to pierce the deep blues and purples to illuminate the window and make it appear as if it were daytime.
At other points in the evening the team used the (9) fixtures to paint the façade providing a beautiful look to the otherwise dark structure and one final surprise for guests as they finished their evening.

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