Seattle Seahawks

When the Seattle Seahawks needed to reclaim their title as the loudest fans on earth, they called upon Image Engineering to design their player introduction and create visually stunning halftime special effects.

For the 2013-2014 season, Image Engineering was charged with designing Seattle’s new high-impact player introductions. As per the Seahawks mantra, “Bigger, Faster, Stronger, Louder”, we added six monumental flame towers that amped up the crowd and propelled every fan into game time mentality. Specially chosen proximate pyrotechnics erupted from the Hawks Nest while flame towers filled the arena with bright white heat; the fans were now ready to welcome their team.

The Seattle Seahawks are known throughout the league for their 12th MAN. In 2013, during a home game against the New Orleans Saints at CenturyLink Field, they registered a decibel rating of 137.6 and reclaimed the Guinness Book World Record for crowd noise. For the week leading up to the Superbowl we turned the Pacific Tower into a beacon of blue and green for all of Seattle to see.

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