Spirit of Faith Christian Center:      GGG 2019

A heart-stirring three day women’s conference held in Baltimore, Maryland by Dr. DeeDee Freeman and Dee’s House of Hope, Image Engineering helped take an already powerful conference and elevated the experience providing all design services, production management, lighting, sound, video and special effects production.


All About The Entrance

Since 2008, Dr. DeeDee Freeman has been presenting the God’s Glamorous Girls women’s conference, a three day conference focusing on faith and empowerment for women. A hallmark of every GGG is the opening performance and Dr. DeeDee’s entrance for her opening lesson. This year’s design was driven by Dr. DeeDee’s initial idea of entering to a Beyonce, Lauren Daigle and David Guetta inspired medley performed by the Spirit of Faith Praise and Worship team along with 100 band members from the Howard University Marching Band and guest artists.

With an entrance of this scale we needed a stage set, lighting rig, video and audio system that could carry through the intent and energy to set the tone for the remainder of the conference.

Concept & Approach

Using the opening performance as inspiration and drawing on years of experience, the Image Engineering design team built the conference’s scenic and technical design in the spirit of a concert. It all started with the LED video backdrop, taking a standard LED wall and breaking it into sections allowing for backstage entrances and the surface to be used as a full canvas or broken into three surfaces each with their own images. The center section of the backdrop also mimicked the shape of the Spirit of Faith Christian Center logo.

A big challenge was over coming the expanse of a convention center and making every attendee, whether in the front row or the back feel as though they were not only connected but a part of the show. The Image team achieved this connectivity by integrating two 60′ stage wings extending into the audience and a B stage in the back of the hall. With these stage positions, we were able to bring performers closer to the audience, facilitate stage changes with no program interruption and provide geometry for lighting, lasers and LED video surfaces to play off of.

Lighting Sets the Mood

The Image Engineering team called on long time friends and clients Daniel Smallbone and Matt Brewer of Lumina Design to provide the lighting design, programming and operation during the show. The Lumina team played off of the angular shape of the LED video backdrop and the stage in their lighting rig design.

With finger trusses extending into the audience, we were able to wash the entire audience, bringing the power and energy from the stage to attendees. Again, in an effort to make all attendees feel immersed in the performances and teachings, it was important to extend what was happening on stage throughout the entire house.

Special Effects Elevate The Experience

As with every Image Engineering production, special effects can be a tool to elevate the experience and provide attendees with something they have never seen before. On the first night, the Image and Lumina teams integrated Light Vector Vector Beams around the B stage, bringing a beautiful, serene and understated look to an otherwise bare stage.

For the closing performance, the Image Engineering and Spirit of Faith teams wanted to send attendees back into the world with a memorable exclamation point on a moving conference. The Image team employed a stage pyro package of comets, mines and sparkulars synchronized with the closing performance and confetti blanketing the entire hall.

The Success

By entrusting the Image Engineering team with the full conference design and production, the Spirit of Faith Christian Center staff members were able to focus on the program and delivering the powerful message their attendees were expecting. Ultimately Dr. DeeDee, Dee’s House of Hope, and the Spirit of Faith Christian Center were able to give over 2,000 attendees an experience like never before. From the LED stage design to lighting, video direction and special effects, attendees were part of a world class production.

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